Saw dust waste can be a bit of an issue in joinery manufacture. Saw dust alone doesn't really have many uses and most companies tend to just bag the dust up and dump it. Here at Trinity Joinery we aren't happy with just dumping it, so our solution is to produce environmentally friendly briquettes.


It is all done in our workshop, all of our woodworking machines are connected to two large extractors which suck up any excess chippings or dust, keeping the workshop air nice and clean. As the dust works its way into our extractors, it is then fed through to our brand new compacting machine. The machine then compresses the dust into a hockey puck sized briquette; the briquettes are then forced out of the bottom of the machine into a cage which carries the briquettes to the top of a carousel, containing five buckets with plastic bags attached. Whilst doing this the briquettes get squeezed between two rubber wheels the force of this then subsequently turns the carousel. As the carousel turns, the briquettes get dropped into the separate plastic bags, once full, weighing approximately fifteen kilogram’s, the bags the get tied and we then sell them to the public. 


The briquettes are extremely popular in the winter as they are great on open fires, stoves, fire pits and chimineas. They burn extremely hot and burn for a long time and also work well as fire starters. 


If you are interested in purchasing a few bags then please pop down to our workshop at Rue de Pres Trading Estate and we would be happy to help, the bags are sold for £3 a bag and are sold on a first come first serve basis. Due to the nature of our work it normally doesn’t take too long to restock the bags it normally comes down to how quickly we can tie the bags.   


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