CNC Technology

C.N.C. stands for computer numerical control and in short is a machine that is controlled by input from a computer. Our five axis CNC routing machines allow us to produce work to incredibly high accuracy and complexity, being accurate to 0.01 of a millimeter, whilst also machining at incredibly high speeds. 


Most of the products that leave our workshop have at some point been on one of our two CNC machines. Using technology produced by world leading company Homag and specialist tools from Leitz, We produce window parts, door parts, cabinet carcases and doors, tgv panelling, roof parts and bespoke signs. Anything our programmers can input into the computer we can create, our most recent programmes have allowed us to create a Christmas tree and snowman for our showroom this Christmas. 


We use our technology to create programmes with variables which means we can change the size of products with a click of a button or switch between single glazed or double glazed by ticking a box. There are many more variables in our programmes which all together allow us to produce different products incredibly quickly, there is no time wasted in setting up different cutters or marking out different joints, which would have to be done traditionally, it is all done within seconds. As an example we can produce a full staircase in about half a day depending on the size and complexity, with long stringers taking about 15 to 20 minutes rather than a couple of hours doing it by hand.     

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